Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hey all, it's a dreary, cloudy day here in East Texas, and it's making me lazy and sleepy. Been working feverishly on several upcoming Ebay listings, and a listing or two for the Queens Halloween Bootique, but just can't get my mojo working today.

After growing up with a pencil surgically attached to my right hand, I somehow fell out of my love affair with drawing after about the age of 25. However, I've recently begun to rediscover that love affair. I've found that drawing is not like riding a bike, though, and it takes practice and time to recover what you've lost. Here are some simple drawings I've recently done. After all, I need something to post on this here blog, don't I? These drawings were work-ups I did in preparation for turning into hand-painted muslin dolls. One buyer bought a Glinda of Oz doll I created, and on impulse I sent along my drawing I created the doll from. The buyer was delighted with my drawing. May start sending all my sketches with my dolls!

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  1. I would put a price on those sketches!!!! Nice matting and frames, ta dah! artwork...

    Lisa/honey b.