Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hi all, been away for a long time, having renovations done to our house. We're really loving our beautiful new bedroom and walk-in closet. It feels like we have a whole new house. But I hear Ebay and the Bootique calling, calling, they're saying Debbieeeee.....come back......sellll somethinggggg....does anybody else hear that? No? Just me..hmm.. Guess that should worry me but oddly, no. Anyway, I haven't been completely uncreative these many weeks, just creating what I can in my spare time. I'm really getting antsy to get back to full-time painting, sculpting, etc.

This piece is coming up on the Bootique July 1. It's a really whimsical and rustic piece, and would be perfect displayed on your hutch or Hoosier. These are pics that may or may not show up in the Bootique listing.
Be sure and look for me, I'm coming back with ACEO's, sculpture of different sizes, painted boxes and more, all with that vintage Halloween magic.

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