Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm Singing The Renovation Blues.....

We're having a lot cosmetic work done on our little house, and ooooooh what a mess. I was very enthused when it all started, and as this week has progressed, I can feel the enthusiasm trickling out of me in a steady stream. Not one room in our house is normal right now, things are stacked up, or stashed under beds, boxes of stuff are placed in every available spot, and it's a hideous mess! It'll take forever to put it all back. Today is the beginning of the new kitchen cabinet installation.....all the dishes, glasses, ceramic cookware, canned and boxed food... it's all over my house! I'm getting claustrophobic! But somehow, in the midst of all this confusion and mess, I've managed to come up with two items for the August Halloween Queens Castle Bootique. That's August 1. Don't miss it, as it's not that long til Halloween now, and we're all getting fired up. It's almost the best time of year!

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