Wednesday, September 7, 2011


has so many people worried, my husband and I included. We live in East Texas, and things are bad here. Hubby works about 50 miles east from here at Cedar Creek Lake, and coming home from work Tuesday afternoon he saw approximately 300-400 acres on fire. Here at home, the lake is disappearing more and more all the time. And our home is surrounded by stressed, dying, and dead oaks and hickory trees. It makes me so sad. The trees are a main reason we moved out here to the country, all the beautiful old native trees. After living in a concrete jungle outside of Dallas for 11 years, we couldn't wait to get out here to such a green and shady oasis. Now our property is ankle deep in crunchy, dead brown leaves. There is no telling how many trees are going to be lost. It just makes me want to cry. Not to mention, the dread of fire. One fool with a cigarette thrown from a car window, and you can lose everything you own, not to mention the heartbreak of losing animal companions who live in the house. For people like my husband and me, that would be harder emotionally than losing a house. We love our fur babies. Anyway, I hope this disaster ends soon, before more damage is done. This is scary, folks.

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